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Empowering Smart Shoppers

to Live Rich


Entering this crazy world of couponing can literally change your life and your lifestyle! You’ll start making ends meet, pay off your debt, create a financial cushion, and feel freer and happier than you’ve felt in years, maybe decades.
That’s living rich with coupons!
Use the tools you get from this book to build your superpowers. Even Wonder Woman needs her indestructible bracelets, and you’re about to receive yours. It doesn’t matter if you make $15,000 a year or $250,000 a year—everyone needs a budget they can stick to and follow.

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What readers are saying

“I have never been a couponer. I have been a person who has lived on a very tight budget. Whether you have money or not, Cindy is a magician. She makes it possible for everyone no matter the budget to have the ability to bring home great quality produce to organic rice, and in cases, I have witnessed literally for free. I am someone who believes knowing how to cook improves the quality of your life. Cindy is someone who believes no matter your budget, she can save or make you money while you are doing it. She is a guru on how to eat better food on any budget. We are proud to have her on our television show - you’ll be proud to have her knowledge in your home.” - Rachael Ray

Thank you! Finally someone genuinely willing to share tricks of the trade and explain it so us newbies have a shot at being successful with couponing! Keep doing what you're doing. Guaranteed you will positively impact more lives than you could ever imagine.


Thank you Cindy, for introducing me to this amazing world of savings. What a difference it has made for us.


Cindy please keep your site up and running for many years to come it helps so many people save money.Couponing is a win win in my book.


I have always been good with money and was the type of girl that only bought things on sale but LRWC takes this to the next level, LOL!! I have NO DEBT and I owe it all thanks to you!! My family truly appreciates the knowledge I have gained from LRWC”

--Melanie P.

Thanks to you, I have financial peace of mind and I have never had before.


Cindy Livesey

Meet Cindy Livesey

Cindy Livesey is on a mission to help us save money and live richer lives! The Rachel Ray show’s coupon expert, Cindy created her website, Living Rich With Coupons, in 2009 to share her couponing strategies and tips with family and friends. Within a year, the site had more traffic than it could handle, so she upgraded it and turned it into a full-service couponing mecca. Cindy came up with her couponing strategies when her husband’s job was eliminated and she was forced to put her household on a budget. By strategically using coupons, she saved $11,000 on groceries in one year! Through Living Rich With Coupons, Cindy and her team provide thousands of people with a money-saving approach that will allow them to pay off debt, save for vacations, pay college tuition, buy new cars, and even splurge on a designer handbag.

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